We simplify data privacy for legal & engineering teams

We make it easy for you to implement data privacy at your business

Minimize your GDPR risk with the Privacy Request DSAR Portal


No more tedious surveys & spreadsheets

Discover systems containing personal data in seconds, not weeks or months. Easily integrate into identity management, SSO, or procurement solutions. Streamline your record of processing activities and reporting.

Detect Shadow IT Systems & Automate System Inventory for Article 30
Detect Shadow IT Systems & Automate System Inventory for Article 30

Live Data Map & Record of Processing


Automate data mapping & track changes

Readily available pre-built connectors with SaaS cloud vendors to detect data categories, and field changes in systems. Live data map stays refreshed with any data field changes, so you don't need to worry.

Live Data Map & Record of Processing


Automate request fulfillment

Pre-built integrations helps you fulfill requests in seconds, not weeks. Avoid slowing down system owners with tedious tasks. Let Privacy Request do the heavy lifting. Verify, review, and fulfill individual rights with a few simple clicks.

Fulfill Data Subject Requests in only a few clicks
Fulfill Data Subject Requests in only a few clicks

Generate Reports & Data Maps for Records of Processing


Reduce the risk of hefty fines

Generate real-time, up-to-date records of processing activities. Automatically generate data lineage, assets and cross-border maps.

Generate Reports & Data Maps for Records of Processing


No coding required

Pre-built integrations with common cloud vendors and systems. No coding required. Easily integrate your first-party or proprietary systems with web hooks for data categorization and request fulfillment. Plug in with common Identity, procurement and finance platforms to detect data sources in seconds.

API Integrations into popular vendors & Permissions
API Integrations into popular vendors & Permissions

Robust Security & Permissions


Security at the core

Configure robust roles and permissions across your organization. All data is stored in AES-256, and encrypted in transit from VPC to clients via TLS v1.2. Our customers provision and control permissions for cloud storage in their own environments. Your data belongs to you.

Robust Security & Permissions


  • Unlimited Data Subject Requests
  • Unlimited Intake Forms
  • Automated Privacy Right Fulfillment
  • Manual Privacy Right Fulfillment
  • Automated Identity Verification
  • Automated System Discovery
  • Unlimited Data Mapping
  • Unlimited Roles & Permissions
  • Integrations with SSO vendors
  • Integrations with SaaS vendors
  • Unlimited Employee & Vendor Logins
  • Customizable Response Templates
  • Multiple Languages
  • Unlimited Compliance Logs
  • Unlimited Records of Processing Activities
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unlimited Training & On-Boarding
  • Demonstrate Compliance for GDPR, CCPA, & CRPA

Our Team

Peter Barbosa

Peter Barbosa

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Wilson - Chief Technology Officer

Thomas Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

Brandi Bennett - Chief Privacy Officer

Brandi Bennett

Chief Privacy Advisor

Andrew Hartwig

Andrew Hartwig

Software Engineer

Do less. Supercharge data privacy compliance at your business.

Let Privacy Request do the heavy lifting. We are on a mission to simplify compliance for our customers by building robust data mapping and data subject request software.


Can your platform work without integrations?

That's correct. You do not need to integrate your proprietary or cloud data sources to use Privacy Request. You can manually add in data sources, and manually fill out the record with other team members.

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Can we plugin our proprietary data sources?

Yes, we provide an open API to the engineering community to easily integrate with our data mapping and DSAR products. We will provide a support engineer during on-boarding to help implement your first few proprietary data sources.

Do we need to build integrations from scratch?

No, we have developed cloud connectors to common SaaS cloud vendors that our customers use. You can invite the data owner to Privacy Request, and they can enter the API information to help on-board the cloud vendor. If we don't have an integration, we can typically build one within a 48 hours.

What regulations does your platform support?

Our platform supports compliance requirements for GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and LGPD. Our in-house regulatory team helps translate emerging data privacy laws around the globe into product requirements, so we're always up-to-date.

What’s included in on-boarding?

You will have weekly calls with your dedicated account manager for the first 90 days. We will work with you to import any existing asset or processing activity data, on-board other team members, and establish your foundational integrations to remove all the heavy work needed when building your data map.

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Are changes on records and assets traceable?

Yes, all changes are recorded on an audit log that is stored per record or asset. You can also choose to track changes across records, so that you can approve any edits or changes owners make to records.

How do you manage security vulnerabilities?

We perform penetration tests once every 3 months, and any issues are handled in less than 24 hours.

What kind of reporting do you have?

We have various templates for GDPR Article 30, and provide real-time asset and cross-border transfer maps. Additional reports can be created and customized as needed.

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are hosted on AWS with residency in Ireland. Our back-up servers are located in Berlin, Germany. Optionally, our customers can choose to host our platform on-premise.

What's your support like?

You will have a dedicated account manager, who will provide support, and best practice approaches when building out your reports, or integrating your team and data sources to Privacy Request.